Max the “Little Dude” (Yeah, he’s already answering to it) came to us August 15th as his 5th home…In almost a year of life…They think.
Hoarders-to-rescue-league-to-friend-of-a-friend-to-that friend-to-us.
He weighs 8.5 lbs.He should weigh at least 12 by now. I can feel his ribs and hip bones. Hence, “Little Dude”.
I am SOOOOO proud of Gabe (Who thinks his other name is “Dude”) for making his little brother feel so safe after 8 years of just the 2 of us vs the Universe.
He will even help me find Max if I ask him “where’s your kitty?” He is my service dog for mobility assistance. He has also done therapy work. He lets autistic children yank his ears and hug him. He licks their faces instead of complaining. 
We spent a year on a Caddiwomple I will write about here.
He’s magic. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Were all 3 “rescues”…(A future topic)

There will be a “Book of Gabe”, but he’s still alive and our story isn’t over yet. It has been riveting, so watch for it in the (hopefully far, far, far off) future.

All 3 “Dudes” (I’m even ordained) It is a real religion and it feels better than any of the others I’ve participated in.

(I will share my perspectives in a future written piece.)

More information is available here… https://dudeism.com/?fbclid=IwAR2nKQbyt_I4WTYfyW2PDzSJzQFaeLN574C27vWvqIfPyQL3GrPOqz982Ak Don’t get me wrong. I STILL love Jesus.(topic)

His followers, not so much lately.(topic)

All 3 of us are good boys.(topic, stop laughing)

We’re moving out because we got kicked out(You can read “The Committee” that I just completed)

We’re gonna be fine.(We’re all seasoned travelers and survivors)

We will abide wherever our abode.

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